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Join one of the fastest growing gutter cover companies. If making money is your goal, then consider partnering with us today!

DEALER TERRITORIES available now! Get ready to...

  • Increase your profits

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Sell quality, performance tested products 

  • Secure support from an international, family-owned manufacturer

  • Access marketing tools, incentive programs, rebates, sales tips, webinars, and more

Our gutter covers are quick and easy to install! Becoming a valued GCI dealer and selling our highly profitable products are smart and easy ways to upsell your services.  We have special offers going on now!

Our Gold Standard Products

We sell gutter cover products that can handle all types of challenges consumers might face.  Our products ensure superior protection and are independently tested. We also offer a variety of product solutions to accommodate different consumer gutter systems, climates and budgets. Our gutter covers are quick and easy to install, can generate up to 65% profit and we never require any fees. GCI is the best and most versatile solution for your business! See our list of products below.

  • Surface tension rounded nose

  • High end finished look

  • For deciduous trees

  • Residential grade material

  • Prevents tiger striping

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  • Low profile

  • Residential & commercial grade material

  • For deciduous trees

  • Prevents tiger striping

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  • For pine needle trees

  • Residential grade material

  • Cost effective

  • Low Profile

  • Prevents tiger striping

  • Benefits of surface tension and perforated products

  • Prevents tiger striping 

  • Provides better water dissipation by diverting rainwater

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  • Available in three different sizes to accommodate most gutters

  • Cost-effective 

  • For deciduous trees

  • Low profile

  • Residential grade material

  • Prevents tiger striping

  • An economical gutter protection solution

  • Easy installation over existing gutters

  • Low profile

  • Residential grade material

  • Prevents tiger striping

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Our Mission

To provide the highest quality products on the market for roofing and gutter challenges while providing world-class customer service to boost our dealer’s success.   

Dealer Testimonial

"One of the best decisions our 58 year old roofing company ever made was deciding to become a Gutter Topper dealer 20 years ago. It has provided our customers with a much needed solution for clogged gutters while providing my business with an additional source of revenue, that quite frankly, is pretty easy. The product performs as advertised and GCI is an excellent company to partner with. From sales support to manufacturing to delivery, GCI does an excellent job! We tried other products and nothing performs like Gutter Topper. Keep up the great work Tony!"


Shannon J. Alberts

Owner - VP of Sales and Marketing

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Dealer Incentives

GCI has dedicated years to continually improving the incentives we offer to equip our dealers in creating sizable growth for their businesses and increasing profitability. 


Our dealers receive access to:

  • Continued training

  • Various product deals 

  • Ongoing sales support

  • A referral program that gives commision for life

  • Marketing collateral (flyers, ads, banners, catalogs, etc.)

  • The Dealer Network Advantage (DNA) program that is designed to help grow your business by offering you tools, training, support, and rewards. As your DNA level increases, so do the benefits.

Ideal Candidate

Our dealers are the backbone of Gutter Covers International and we do everything we can to ensure they are supported. We are always working on ways to better serve our dealers with the incentives we offer.


If you are…

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  • Roofer
  • Contractor

  • Builder

  • Project Manager

If you are...

  • Passionate, driven, and determined

  • Focused on results and your standards are high

  • Motivated and a strong leader who holds every employee accountable

  • Looking to generate more revenue and secure a bright future


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