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This sleek, patented valley diverter is equipped to handle any increased water flow in a roof’s valleys. Gutter Topper also includes a patented BirdGuard System that prevents birds from building nests inside gutters. 


This gutter cover is easy to install and will never let you down even in the harshest weather conditions!


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Why Gutter Topper?


Other gutter products are unreliable and lack variety. They have the potential to create overflows that can quickly cause damage to landscaping, ruin basements and destroy the foundation of a home or structure. This is a disaster for your business!


Gutter Topper is the most reliable and efficient solution for your business!

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Don’t allow a wonky product to pull down your business-game any longer. Gutter Topper is the performance-tested product you need to help increase profits and customer satisfaction. With Gutter Topper, you score BIG! 


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More About Gutter Topper



Every GCI product exists as a smart and easy way to upsell your services as a business owner. 


Gutter Topper® has eleven critical bends forming a rounded ‘nose’ that allows water to cling to the curve, depositing it in slots at the bottom of the system. Leaves and debris remain on Gutter Topper’s flat surface and blow harmlessly to the ground once they dry. It can handle tremendous amounts of water, ice and wind while repelling leaves. Gutter Topper has passed rigorous independent testing and is certified to endure 110 mph winds (category 2 hurricane) with no lift or movement and can withstand 22 inches of rainfall per hour. It will perform as promised even in the harshest weather conditions.


Gutter Topper can help you not only pay the bills but kick your business into a thriving money-making machine!


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